Add color to your patio with a stained concrete floor

Do you have a concrete patio you wish to add color to?  Do you already have a stained concrete floor on your patio that is needing some help?  We’ve got answers. We recently handled just such a situation.  Our client purchased a house and the patio needed a lot of help.  As you can see from the picture, the previous stain was failing in a way that required full restoration.  We normally aren’t able to remove as much of the previous stain, but in this case it appears that it wasn’t prepped and/or sealed properly for an outside stain.  In fact, we re-stained the inside as well but it didn’t come off as completely as the porch did.

stained concrete floor
Before and After Honing

Beyond just the need to correct the concrete stain it had another dynamic.  The outer, uncovered section was poured at separate time from the covered section.  Perhaps you’re wondering why this matters.  Depending on the type of stain used, it can have significant difference in the consistency of the stained concrete floor color between the 2 different pours.  This is exactly why we use water based or polymer based stains.

The one drawback to using these polymer based concrete stains is that you can’t get away with low quality sealers.  We use urethane based sealers so this isn’t a problem when we stain concrete.  Urethane acrylics and polyureas create excellent bonds with the stain and the concrete because they have like properties.  We also have a 2 component polyurethane blend we use when the circumstances require it.  Our sealers also have a high level scuff and scratch resistance as well as being highly cleanable.  Going forward, these polymer based sealers can be recoated when prepped properly.  Depending on wear, they will need to be re-coated every 2 to 5 years.

Stained Concrete Floor after re-staining
Stained Concrete Floor After Re-staining Sealing