Saltillo Floor Restoration

We frequently get calls regarding Saltillo. Most people refer to all clay type tiles as Saltillo. The 2 most popular clay style tiles is the true Saltillo and D’hannis. Saltillo is pillowed and manufactured in Saltillo, Mexico. D’hannis is flat and manufactured in D’hannis, Texas. Both D’hannis and Saltillo floor restoration procedures are generally speaking the same.

Over the years, contractors and home owners have applied many products for top coats. One common misconception is that waxes are a good way to seal the surface. Although waxes are good to use, they don’t seal the tile. Waxes simply provide a sacrificial surface to protect against physical damage and should only be used over the top of a quality sealant to protect the sealant after Saltillo floor restoration is completed. There is also some benefit to re-waxing a sealed Saltillo tile every 1 to 3 years.

Before and After Saltillo Tile Restoration
Before and After Saltillo Tile Restoration

The pictures shown here is a Saltillo floor restoration we finished with a quality solvent based top coat mid way through sealing and at the completion of sealing.

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