Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Deep Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for lasting freshness

Money-back Cleaning Guarantee

As the owner I want you to be super pleased—In fact, absolutely delighted with every job that I do. So every carpet & upholstery cleaning job comes with my 3 Ironclad promises. I stand behind every carpet and upholstery cleaning job 100%!


We are OBSESSED with giving YOU the consumer the most amazing carpet cleaning experience you’ve ever had with a service company. Some would say the extremes we go to are like an illness. I tell you the truth, if you’re not totally blown away by our carpet cleaning services, then we’ll re-clean any areas you’re not ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with! If you’re still not happy you don’t pay or get your money back or just tell us we’re fired! What could be more fair?

I’ll be honest with you, our carpet cleaning services are not the cheapest, but neither is our equipment. If you are simply looking for the cheapest carpet cleaner, or a carpet cleaner that leaves your carpet dry when they walk out the door, then I respectfully ask you to call another company. You don’t clean your hair, your clothes or dishes without some form of cleaner followed by a good rinsing so why should your carpet be any different? It’s not!

When we use the rotary jet for carpet cleaning you get 20 to 30 rinsing and drying passes versus 2 to 3 with a regular carpet stain cleaning wand. We don’t add or meter in any “RINSES” or “SPECIAL SOLUTIONS” to the rinse water when cleaning carpet. We even use a water softener, so all we rinse with is clean, soft, hot water. We apply the Pre-Spray, give it 5 to 10 minutes of dwell time and rinse with a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine. We even have a water softener in our van because soft water rinses better then hard water. You get the cleanest, fluffiest, longest lasting clean or you get your money back. You carpet will normally be dry in 2 to 4 hours.

We also specialize in VLM (Very Low Moisture) cleaning. This the best way for commercial glue down and residential rentals.


Although we can’t use the rotary jet for berber carpet cleaning, we understand the science behind carpet fiber types and their cleaning requirements.

How We Will Get You The Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Results

First you and I will evaluate your furniture’s needs. Every Item Must Be Treated Differently. Then we’ll decide what will be the best approach and why! Each manufacturer recommends a specialized cleaning method, and best of all, you’ll know up front what we can and can’t do! This way there are no surprises during our carpet & upholstery cleaning!

Furniture comes in various types of fabrics; it is important that we determine what type it is. This gives us the ability to clean it properly. Even if you don’t choose us, please be sure that when you get a quote for carpet & upholstery cleaning that the company is taking fabric type under consideration! Here’s a final note: If they use the wrong cleaning agents they will ruin the fibers and possibly the entire furniture.

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

1. Long Lasting Deep Clean of 100% of your carpets yarns, not just buffing the surface.
Your carpets will stay cleaner longer because I extract all the dirt.

2. We restore your matted traffic lanes to fluffy and soft carpet fibers without chemical or soap residues.

3. Our truck-mounted high powered steam extraction process kills germs, bacteria, and dust mites on contact & removes them from your home. 98 % of the carpet mills recommends the steam cleaning method.

4. Most Thorough Cleaning Ever or it’s free. We back every job that we do for you with our ironclad, no- hassles, no regrets money back guarantee.

5. Honest Pricing. No sales gimmicks, no hidden costs. All prices are quoted up front,  in writing with no hidden charges. We do not differentiate between cleaning and “deep-scrubbing” or “dual process”.

6. We Don’t cut corners, We clean them. We take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly.

7. We answer the phone live. You only get voice mail if all the phones are ringing at once, and we return calls promptly.

8. Fast Drying time. Because of our 25 or 35 horse-powered truck mounted equipment, we pick up 98% of the moisture we put down. Only your carpet fiber are barely damp. Depending on grade of the carpeting and air circulation our drying time is approx. 2-6 hours.

BONUS REASON # 9 You Get More Than A Satisfaction Guarantee: I also give you 7 days of accident protection. If you have an accident within 7 days of the cleaning, and my spotter bottle won’t get it up, I’ll come back and spot clean it. Then there’s my 30 day stay clean guarantee. If its gone when I leave, and returns after I leave, I will also return promptly. I will figure out how to remove it permanently.

Tile & Stone Nerds serves Georgetown, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Leander & Austin. We offer professional carpet & upholstery cleaning with the best customer service. For more information, please feel free to call us at (512) 930-2236 to schedule a free estimate.