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Garage coatings are becoming more and more popular here in Central Texas. The technology behind modern epoxies and urethanes are not only highly durable and chemical resistant, but quite pleasing to look at as well. We offer multiple options for garages and driveways all with top coats that are chemical, hot tire and U.V. resistant on top of being highly durable. Our systems include options with single component acrylic, polyurea base coats, or 2 component epoxy base coats. All systems are sealed or “top coated with either a single polyurea or a 2 component polyurethane to ensure durability with u.v., hot tire and chemical resistance.

Concrete Preparation

We utilize 2 options of preparation; concrete grinding and/or concrete acid washing or acid etching to be specific. We almost always acid wash or acid etch even when grinding concrete to ensure the low places are opened up adequately. This is needed because even though the concrete looks flat, there are always low spots ranging in size from a dime to a grapefruit which the diamonds can’t make contact with during the concrete grinding process.

A lot of today’s concretes don’t require grinding because of the mix content when poured. On these surfaces we prepare the concrete with an alkaline or degreaser step followed by the acid wash or acid etch.

Once the preparation is completed we always wait until the next day to apply the system so the concrete has adequate time to dry out. In some instances when rain or high humidity becomes a problem the concrete requires longer dry times.

Color Dynamix System

This system is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to the epoxy garage floor systems because of the price point coupled with its decorative nature and highly durable polyurea top coat. I can proudly tell you that I created this system with the help of a local distributor and the manufacturer whom I’ve been involved for years with beta testing.

As with any coating, we always start with preparation. This system requires blue tape around the border and plastic masking 24 inches up.

Once the preparation is complete we apply the base color to the garage floor. The base color varies depending on system color you choose. The base color is usually tack free in 30 to 45 minutes and ready to shoot the highlight colors. Again, the color of highlighting and the number of colors varies depending on the system. The highlighting is usually tack free in 15 to 20 minutes. Once all the highlighting is completed we top coat it with a single component polyurea.

This is usually a 2 day system.

Epoxy Garage Floor

The epoxy vinyl flake garage has been the standard for garage coatings of the years. Although popular, the material cost, inherit waste, and labor required creates a price point that motivated me to create the Color Dynamix system. Some contractors take short cuts on this system to soften the price point, but most of these systems require 4 days to produce properly. I will explain below which step is the popular step for contractors to take short cuts.

Day 1 consists of preparing the concrete by diamond grinding or acid washing as mentioned above. We apply blue tape along the bottom of the wall but no additional masking is required.

Day 2 consists of applying the 2 component epoxy base and broadcasting the vinyl flake into the epoxy until refusal.

Day 3 we scrap the vinyl so that no vinyl edge protrude upward, sweep & vacuum the excess vinyl, and apply the first application of 2 component polyurethane.

Day 4 is where some contractors take a short cut. Without getting over involved in the science here you need to understand that with the thickness of the vinyl and the curing of the polyurethane, we simply require 2 applications to be done correctly. Some attempt to apply 1 thick coat which lends to a floor that doesn’t cure out properly or just skip the 2nd application all together which lends to an improperly sealed top coated floor. Both short cut scenarios reduce the durability and longevity of the top coat.
The epoxy vinyl flake system has been the standard for decorative garage coatings for many years. Although this has been the standard it comes at a cost. The materials for this system drive the price and by nature result in waste.

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