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Proven Stone Restoration Techniques for Lasting Results

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Has your stone surface lost its shine? Tile & Stone Nerds offers professional stone restoration to restore the original look and luster of your stone floors. Our expertise in stone cleaning, sealing and polishing has helped hundreds of home and business owners create a lasting impression with their stone flooring. Whatever the type of stone, travertine, granite, lime, etc., we use the latest, proven techniques for the finest results. Our work speaks for itself.


Skilled Travertine Polishing and Cleaning

Travertine polishing in particular, requires special knowledge and skill. The availability of many colors and styles such as honed travertine, tumble travertine, tumble travertine with chiseled edge, tumble unfilled travertine, etc. makes the task even more challenging.

Yet with the right treatment, travertine will retain its beauty, wear well and last forever. The most important part of travertine polishing is using the right solution and appropriate tools.

Tile & Stone Nerds will conduct a detailed assessment of the condition of your floor in order to deliver to your expectations.

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Stone Sealing to Extend the Life of Your Investment

Properly sealing your stone surfaces protects them against weathering (outdoors), damaging liquids and minerals (like salt). It also helps extend the life of your investment significantly.

As with stone cleaning, selecting the right type of stone sealer and applying the right process is critical. Clear impregnating sealers, enhancing sealers, surface sealers, sealers for indoors and sealers for outdoors—which one should you be using? We will help you determine which one is right for you based on the stone’s location and what you want to achieve. This approach coupled with good maintenance, ensures a beautiful stone which will stay that way for years to come.

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Stone Polishing for All Types of Reflective Natural Stone

There are many techniques for travertine polishing as well as cleaning the various types of stone like limestone, slate marble, granite terrazzo and other natural stone surfaces. Some are sealed, others are not. Some have impregnating sealers while others have surface sealers. Some are over-sealed, others might be waxed or have a grout haze. Each surface must, therefore, be treated appropriately.

Tile & Stone Nerds offers stone polishing for all types of reflective natural stone. Our extensive experience and advanced capabilities result in a vibrant sheen, improved durability and better resistance to daily foot-traffic and spills.

Ask us which is the correct stone polishing solution for your flooring.


Years of Stone Restoration Experience

Stone surfaces are becoming very popular in residential and commercial environments. There are various families of stone such as, travertine, limestone, slate, flagstone, marble and granite. There are also many types of stone within each stone family.

No matter what type of stone restoration you need, we have years of experience honing stone, grinding, sealing, polishing and enhancing it. Our expertise with natural stone is well-recognized in the industry. If fact, we have been called in to correct problems caused by other contractors and provide practical advice to manufacturers on numerous occasions throughout the years.

Tile & Stone Nerds will take the time to understand the existing conditions, what can be done, and the goal for the finished product before we provide you with an estimate. Additionally, our stone restoration estimates usually offer two or more options for you to choose from.

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