How to Check for Tile & Grout Stain Protection

The right grout sealer can save you a lifetime of scrubbing. Unfortunately, these high quality products are not found in the big box stores. Some need repetitive applications while others are too easily ‘washed’ off with general maintenance products. Some others may only protect against water-based stains, leaving your floor vulnerable to future permanent staining.

Do this simple test for water-based stain protection to check if your floors are vulnerable to staining.
• Take a spoonful of water
• Pour it on grout or stone
• Wait 5 minutes

Did the grout absorb the water? Did the color darken?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, your hard surfaces are vulnerable to staining!

Grout lines that are unsealed or sealed with poor quality sealers are like a sponge for oil, food, and beverage spills which can result in permanent staining. Even if you used the best sealers available, without a solid understanding of the product you may not properly seal the grout.

Professional sealing and maintenance can protect your flooring from permanent damage by creating an invisible barrier to reduce spill penetration.

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