Tile & Stone Nerds Tile and Carpet Cleaning

Have you ever had the feeling that the Company doesnít care about your busy schedule? Or that your furnishings arenít being cleaned thoroughly and safely? Or that youíre being over charged for unsatisfactory work? Or your cleaning takes days to dry? I am called out regularly to homes to rectify problems left by other cleaners. Most cleaners in my industry are not properly trained or educated or they donít have the best equipment to get the job done right. They are not trained to safely clean all stone surfaces, fibers or textiles that they are asked to clean.

Poor training and uneducated cleaners can lead to disaster in your home. Some cleaners do not know which stones have chemical sensitivities, how to thoroughly remove the soil that has settled down in your carpet fibers nor do they know how to properly remove your spots. They use harsh cleaning agents that can do damage to stone surfaces or carpet fibers. You the homeowner, also have to be careful as to who you invite into your home. We abide by a code of ethics which assures you, the homeowner, 100% customer satisfaction. If youíre not satisfiedÖ simply donít pay us!

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